Access violation rbRCL66.bpl in 6.03 design time, runtime

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Envoronment: WinNT 4.x: latest patch, D6E, RB 6.03, Interbase 6.0

I have a report object, on a form that throws this error on Delphi
close, save, and load. It crashes my Delphi, corrupting the project
(*.dpr) files, causing me to have to rebuild.

Occasionally I can get the report to run through a couple of times OK,
then it starts throwing this error.

In the report, I'm using an odd paper size of 8" by 5". It's a master
/detail report with one subreport. However, the access violation
occurs even when I chop out the subreport, or use a common paper size
like 8.5" by 11".

I have followed the 'cleaning' instructions for a corrupt
installation, except for the group of files listed in the instructions

3. Using the Windows Explorer, search your hard drive for all


Step 3 says "search your hard drive"... it doesn't say to 'delete'
those files. Besides, the folder that contains these files, also
contains many system files that I don't want to delete (like Remote
Access Session files (ras*.*). So, I did not delete all of the files
listed in Step 3.

I refuse to buy RB7 until this problem is fixed. I don't want to go
to all the trouble and expense to upgrade and find I have the exact
same problem with RB7. (Access violations are reported for RB7 in this


Is there a list of EXACTLY which files in the "Step 3" group I'm
supposed to erase?

Why does RB store same named .Dll files that service different
versions of your product? Why not store them either under a version
specific name (like the packages) or store them in a version specific
folder. ( I'd gladly add folders to my system path if need be )

I don't install RB into the default directory, I have my own folder
structure that I don't want to change. Would this cause an access
violation? That's poor programming if it requires me to always
install to a specific folder.

I have been using RB since the days it was called 'pipparti'. We
unwittingly became guine pigs for the new releases of the day. I've
always found it long on features, and short on quality.

I've bet my income, and my career on DM delivering. Now my project
team is pee ohed at me for using DM product.

Save me by calling me tomorrow (2003-Mar-14) 7am to 10am Mountain
time. I'll be away in the afternoon. If you don't have time to call
tomorrow, call Monday, or any day next week. I'll pay the long
distance charges.

In the mean time, I will make a small sample program to try and
replicate the problem.

Kevin Morris: (780) 890-6522



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    Please post in one thread for each topic. Try installing the latest driver
    for your printer and testing your project with the trial version of
    ReportBuilder 7.01. If this does not help, please send an example of the
    issue you are having along with the printer manufacturer and model number to

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
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