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When I print my report, which use to work fine under Delphi 5 and Report
Builder 5.52, I get multiple copies of the report. The report, which is a
horizontal bar chart, is only one page long. However, I am getting 22+
pages of the same report on our printer (HP Laserjet 4).

I am using Report Builder 7.01 and TeeChart 5.03 with Delphi 7.



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    I'm not quite sure what is causing this problem, but I was able to stop the
    behavior by setting the PageLimit to 1. This will work, but I think there
    is a bug in Report Builder 7.01 or TChart 5.03.


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    It sounds like the chart may be too big to fit on only one page. Check the
    margins of your report and adjust the size of the chart so it fits within
    those boundaries. Most likely the there is a static height control set
    somewhere that is never able to fit on the page in your layout. There is an
    article in the Digital Metaphors tech-tips/general newsgroup on resloving an
    endless pages issue. Just do a search on 'Endless Pages' and you should find

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nico Cizik
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    I read through the article on "Endless Pages" and found that my
    TppReport.AutoStop property was set to FALSE, which according to the article
    and the help file means that my data pipeline is not assigned. I set it to
    TRUE and my pagelimit back to 0 and my problem went away.

    Here is my configuration:
    I have a clientdataset, which I create with several fields and then right
    clicked and "create" it (at this point the clientdataset is active --
    basically, I use it as an in memory table to store data that I polish before
    presenting to the user). I then hook the datasource to the clientdataset
    and then the TppDBPipeline to the datasource.

    When I hook the TppReport to the TppDBPipeline is sets my autostop property
    to FALSE. I assume this is because the clientdataset doesn't have any data
    inside of it at this point (design time).

    You might want to update your help to state that empty datasets also cause
    the autostop property to be set to FALSE at design time.


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