how to display basic HTML tags

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I am printing out memo fields in a report that have simple HTML tags embedded in the text.

Only and are used.

Any recommendations on how to get RB to display these properly?

I am thinking of displaying the fields as DBRichText fields in the report
and then putting code in the onprint event to replace the HTML code with the appropriate
RTF formatting code.

Is there a simpler way? Any demos available that allow display of HTML tags?

I've taken a look at the dm0029.pas report which shows how to manipulate richtext fields in a report.



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    There is no native support for this in RB. However, especially in a simple
    case like this you can use richtext instead of a memo and translate the HTML
    into RichText. In fact, here's an example I put together that does exactly
    that. It only handles and tags but it's trivial to expand it
    to handle more. Hopefully this should get you on the right track.


    Alexander Kramnik
    Digital Metaphors

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    You guys are too good to be true.

    You actually put together some sample code for me?
    You saved me several hours of tinkering?

    You need to put the word "ReportBuilder Evangelist" somewhere
    in your signature :)


    P.S. You've made a sale.

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    Alexander Kramnik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    Does this example still exist somewhere?
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    Hello Chris,
    We have also the same problem and have made a pass-through which can convert
    html->RTF. I am not very happy with it, because there is an assignment
    necessary in RAP for each used RTF control. IE has a good and fast rendering
    engine which we use in TForm to show HTML in product descriptions instead of
    the TRichEd components. I don't know if it's possible but perhaps someone
    (or DM) can make a wrapper around IE and so it is also usable in RB.
    If some other had a solution to use HTML directly inside a RB control let me
    know it, I am highly interested.
    If you are interested in the conversion code, send me a mail.

    Chris (Eulanda)
    International ERP Systems

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    Hi Chris,

    You might take a look at the TRichView component. This allows you to
    display hypertext inside a report with the proper addon.


    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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