2 Invoices in salme page

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I'm using RB 5.56 Professional and Delphi 5 Enterprise

How can I configure RB in order to print 2 invoices in the same page?

I've tried to put everything in a group and datail band.
I included the items in a subreport in the datail band.
The subreport has a title band wich prints the columns header, datail band
wich prints name, qty and price, and a summary band wich prints the totals.
Almost everyting worked fine, execept the items (in the subreport) are
overflowing the page lenght and some of the items are printed in the next
page with no titles.



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    The title band will only print once while a subreport is printing, since the
    subreport can print multiple detail records. Child type subreports don't
    support headers and footers. Try creating a group in the subreport to print
    the title information for each subreport in the group header? You'll need
    to shrink the height of bands and/or components to get it all to fit on one
    page. You can force a page break with the RBAddOn components from
    www.bancoems.com/RBAddOn.htm or through a group- see the tech tips newsgroup
    on the Pagination thread for an article on forcing apage break.


    Jim Bennett
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