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I have a report that has had some of its data views pushed off the top of
the screen. This has apparently happened by someone opening the report with
a lower screen resolution which caused all these data view components to be
scrunched up and moved around. I can no longer access the header area of
these components to be able to move them around. They are on top of each
other and the ones underneath are inaccessible. This is going to require a
partial rebuild of my report in order to access these components.

Is there some way for me to salvage these data view components?

Is there a workaround to keeping this from happening?

Are there plans to improve the data tab graphical interface to be more
flexible in these regards?

If I need to make a complex report that requires anything more than 30 data
views the data tab gets EXTREMELY crowded. Data views that I add are put off
the screen to the right when they're first added. Scroll bars don't allow me
to have a bigger window than what's viewable. This is a major annoyance.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Nielsen
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    What you can do is open the report at delphi design time. Set its template
    format property to ASCII. Then open the rtm up in a text editor and you can
    find the dataview by looking for its name. You'll see something like this
    for a dataview called Biolife:

    object Biolife: TppChildBDEPipeline

    You can edit its Top property value and save it back down. Now when you
    load this template, the dataview should be visible, if the top property
    value is in the visible part of DADE on your machine. It would appear to be
    that one solution would be to create multple workbooks in DADE from which
    you could better organize the dataviews for a complex report.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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