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Printing blank pages

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After converting from D3 to D5 i get with some reports blank pages while the
same code in d3 give a good result. D3 is version 4.23 of RB and D56 is
version 5.55
anyone any idea?

thanx R. Leerdam


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    Occasionally, we have customers state that their reports are in some
    infinite state where page after empty page prints forever.

    There are a few items to check when this occurs.

    The TppReport.AutoStop property is the first thing to check. If this is
    false when the DataPipeline property is unassigned, the endless report
    will be the result. AutoStop is automatically set to True when
    DataPipeline is set to nil, but it is possible to set it back to False.
    Check for instances in your code where you might have created this

    Another thing to check is that all subreports in your report have their
    DataPipeline set. When a subreport does not have its pipeline set, you
    will sometimes see a condition where the first detail record prints and
    then you get blank pages.

    Another, non-data related cause can sometimes be your margin settings.
    If you have stretching bands that need to overflow to the next page, if
    your margins are too tight, sometimes the report engine will endlessly
    overflow to the next page trying to fit the overflow material.

    Still another cause might be having a statically positioned control, set
    to ReprintOnOverFlow, in the same band with a stretching control. For
    instance, if you have a memo set to stretch and in that same band, a
    label control set to ReprintOnOverFlow, then on every page after the
    first, the memo will begin to print after the label control. If the
    label is placed low enough that the memo has no room to print, the
    report will forever be trying to print the overflowing memo on the next


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