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Hi All,
I'm just finishing off an app using RB5.5 - I know that the latest version
is 5.56, but changing the bpl's, recompiling etc is a pain, and I don't know
when 5.57 (or 5.60, or 6.00?) is due.
Can anyone at digital-metaphors give me a clue about upcoming versions so I
can plan ahead ?


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    We will support Delphi 6. The next maintenance release for Delphi 4 and 5
    is scheduled to take place in sync with our Delphi 6 release.

    As a member of the Borland Technology Partner Program we will receive D6 as
    soon as it starts shipping.

    We expect ReportBuilder for Delphi 6 to be available within about two weeks
    after the day in which we receive the D6 CD from Borland. Perhaps sooner.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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