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Licensing Issue.

After our discussion about SVG image rendering on the old news group I found that we did not have the latest versions (17,18 or 19) so my company has purchased the latest version in the past couple of days.

The email that was sent out with all the unlock passwords excluded version 18. I'm still on Delphi XE so that's the latest version I can use.

We sent an email to your support desk a couple of days ago asking for the key for 18 but have not had a response yet. I'm not sure if emails have been lost somewhere, but could you send out the key for 18 please.

our company is Cohesis if that helps for looking up the account.



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    Hi Will,

    We are not receiving your emails. Be sure you are sending to,, or

    I just sent you an email with the RB 18 password. You should be able to use the RB 19 serial number you received after buying to install the product.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,
    We received your email and have installed RB18. Many thanks for your help.

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