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AV in rbRCL54.bpl

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Windows 2000, D4.03, RB
Custom ReportExplorer
Run-time packages

What could cause the AV I get in rbRCL54.bpl when the function
"ReportExplorer.LoadReport" is called?

Any idea?




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    I was about to respond to your question yesterday, when windows decided to
    corrupt my registry/system files. Fun stuff. For your problem, what you
    could do is download this demo below and try to run it. I ran this demo
    sucessfully with D4 and RB 5.56 with no errors, building with run-time
    packages. Run this demo outside of your app to verify that it runs on your
    machine. Then swap this report explorer form with the one in your app.
    Does it AV or not? If it doesn't then there is something in your report
    explorer form implementation that is amiss. If it does AV, then you'll have
    to look at your app to see what it is doing and we'll go from there.



    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    "Jim Bennett (Digital Metaphors)" a ?crit
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