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Unicode font encoding in exported PDF


How do I set the PDF produced when the user clicks the printer icon in the web viewer to produce a Unicode encoded PDF file? I've tried many different things within RB Server but I cannot get it to output anything other than ANSI, so chinese characters all come out as "????".




  • Hi. Not to be rude, but could I have a reply to this please?
  • Hi Steve,

    Digital Metaphors only has resources to provide tech support to developers with an active RB license. Providing tech support is extremely expensive.

    I recommend upgrading to the latest Delphi and ReportBuilder and participating in the subscription. We are a small team, the revenue from the product goes back into supporting the RB community as well as fixing bugs, adding requested features, and providing tech support. It’s a win/win. Updating developer tools regularly is an important part of maintaining your apps and is a smart investment.

    We have subscriptions for most our software from Delphi 3rd Party add-ons to MS Office 365. I really believe its the correct sustainable model for software and provides the best value.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thanks Nard. I'd love to upgrade, I really would, but my company will not finance an upgrade for us from Delphi 2009 to 10.x, so I'm doing my best to make ancient dev tools work with old third-party tools on a modern OS (Windows 10).

    I'll keep pushing the powers that be for an upgrade.
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