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Preview Window generate an "Out of System Resources" error


I am new here, so let me know if I am not using the proper way to ask about this.

I am trying to find the cause of an "Out of System Resources" error displayed by the preview windows.

If I inspect the messages going through the application main windows. it's trying to restore the size of the preview windows to a width of 65535 pixels. Later, it try to generate the page thumbnails at this size and my system doesn't have the memory for it. I don't know what part of the code generate this message, maybe knowing that could help.

I suspect this size has been stored somewhere on my computer and prevent Report Builder preview to work properly. I tried to delete the registry key of my application but it didn't work. I tried to find a Report Builder, but without luck.

Where should I look to know where this value come from ?

I am using Delphi 10.2, RB 19.03, And Spy++ to spy on windows messages.

Thanks for your help,


  • Hi Jean,

    All information about previous RB states is stored in an .ini file on your machine by default. Unless it has been changed, the default location is ($LocalAppData)\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini (on my machine it is: C:\Users\ncizik\AppData\Local\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini for instance). Take a look at the "Preview Form" section of this file.

    You can alter the type of ini storage and file location from the TppDesigner component.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,

    Thank you very much, it solved my problem, at the end of the ini file I had :

    [Preview AccessoryToolbar]

    But I deleted it and it's working again.

  • Having the same Problem on Delphi 10.3.1 with RB 19.03 with one of our customers.

    I can't reproduce the issue myself, but about once a week they have to open the RBuilder.ini and change the width from around 1500 down to 140 to be able to open their print previews.

    It would be great if we could find a permanent solution, but I have no control over RB writing to its ini file.
  • Hi Timo,

    This issue has been fixed for the latest version of ReportBuilder. Please consider upgrading to obtain this and numerous of other fixes and enhancements since RB 19.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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