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DBImage Quality Issues

Delphi 10.1, RB 20.03

I store our company logo as a blob field in Firebird. The quality of the native image (jpg), and that stored in Firebird is very good quality. However, when I add it to a report, it is noticeably ragged. When I print directly from the print manager after running the report, it doesn't print at all, even though I can see it on the preview. When I export to PDF, it appears on the PDF and prints on the page, but it is really poor quality.

Any ideas?


  • I replaced the DBImage with a static Image component containing our logo. It seems to respond the same as the DBImage, except that it does print from the print previewer. However, the PDF very is really lousy.

    I have tried DrawDirect = True, but it doesn't appear to have an effect.
  • Hi Craig,

    Images in PDF are automatically scaled to conserve space. Set the Report.PDFSettings.ScaleImages property to False to get a higher quality image.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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