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No page overflow on group footer

The Group Footer on my report does not print at all when the group details stretch to near the bottom of the page. I have tried various tricks to get this to happen with no luck. I have tried setting PrintPosition as per the tip in rbwiki. I have also attempted to set GroupFooterBand.OutOfSpace to True when there is little space left on the page.

Any other suggestions please?

My report is reasonably complicated so it would by tricky to send an example. the Group contains 5 sub reports and the footer contains a region and a sub report that usually does not print. There is a Footer showing page number.

I am running Delphi 10.3 update 3 and Report Builder 21.0


  • Hi Martin,

    This is not a known issue. My suggestion is to try to simplify your report to try to isolate the component(s) or feature(s) that are causing the behavior.

    Start by setting the visibility of all components inside the group footer to false except for a single static component such as a Label. Next try commenting out all event code associated with the report/band.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • I had something similar (but not identical) on a complex report where the top few lines of the group footer was missing, but the rest appeared when a page break occurred in the footer.
    Turned out to be a page summary band which I was using for layout purposes causing the issue - removing the summary fixed the problem (but messed up my layout!)
    HTH Rod
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