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Master detail pipline with underscore in key fields

ReportBuilder 19.04
if have two datasets: master has keyfield with values
detail has values
1_pkt item1
1_pkt item2
2pkt item1
2pkt item2

I only get values of 2packet if subreport is present. If I remove subreport.
I get 1_pkt also. Or if i just print pure subreport data.
I have verified order of items, they are same.
Is there something special with underscore ?


  • Hi Mika,

    1. Which database and connectivity are you using?

    2. How are you linking your datasets? Are you using DADE (data workspace)?

    We are not aware of any issues with using underscores as field values. Are you able to recreate this with a simple example? If so, please send it to support@ in .zip format and I'll test it with the latest version of ReportBuilder and track down any issues.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • We are using Actian ZEN v15 (and v13 in one customer case), data access trough UniDAC.
    In my test application I have 2 simple Uniqueries, which are connected to datasource and DBpipeline.
    master detail relation is defined only in DbPipelines.
    We will start narrowing issue with newer version and other databases.
  • The database collation could be the issue here.

    By default ReportBuilder Datapipeline linking uses ANSI collation but this generally needs to match the database setting. You can change the collation type used by accessing the field links in code.

    Create a loop for multiple links...


    for liIndex := 0 to DetailPipeline.LinkCount - 1 do
    DetailPipeline.Links[liIndex].CollationType := ctBinary; //ctANSI, ctASCII, ctBinary, ctVariant
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • That did the job, I tested with Ascii and it started to work.
    It even worked when I tried with keyvalue öäÖÄ. Well they have ascii value.

    If ctANSI using AnsiCompareStr for comparision? or something else.
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