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Print subreport multiple times from RAP

I want to print a sub report multiple times.
I currently have a dataset and pipeline with the correct number of records, but I would like to do it from RAP. Or is there a property of the sub report like repeat count. Or do I call a procedure from the parent band?



  • Hi Lawrence,

    If your subreport is located inside the Detail band, try setting the ppDetailBand.BandsPerRecord property as needed in an event that fires before the band prints (OnBeforePrint).
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Thank you! I will try that in RAP or design.
    In my delphi code I use the onbefore print to set the image borders for debug. (maybe I could use another event) This seems to override the RAP onbeforeprint. How can I get the RAP one to fire as well? Is there another event I could use? If I used
    Perhaps I could set it in an event or code within the parent band? Before any detail band is on printed? Anu ideas?

    Thanks a lot.
  • I got it it to work. Thanks.

    Even though I hook the OnBeforePrint in my delphi app, I can still hook it in RAP. I can then pick up the BandsPerRecord from my datasets and then I get the right repeats.

    Does that seem reasonable?

    I make the sub report that i want to repeat connected to a one record dataset and set its BandsPerRecord appropriately.

    I hope that images on this band will not be loaded again during the multiple prints will not be reloaded if their data does not change,

    A bit complex for me to get my head around but good to get it working. Maybe because there is no dataset iteration between prints this will be faster! Do you think?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Hi Lawrence,

    Correct, when both Delphi and RAP events are implemented, they will both fire in that order.

    Static images (TppImage) will not load for each detail band assuming they have not been changed in the OnGetPicture event however DBImages will still be retrieved from the database and loaded.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • I got all that to work, but when I reload the template I get an error saying already exists raProgramModule1

    Why is this not cleared when the oReport.Template.LoadFromFile?
    I have not loaded the data or created pipelines at this stage. Is there a report.clear or something. I think this i a bug :(

    Here is an abbreviated object dump:

    object raCodeModule2: TraCodeModule
    object raProgramInfo1: TraProgramInfo
    raClassName = 'TraEventHandler'
    raProgram.ProgramName = 'DetailBeforePrint'
    raProgram.ProgramType = ttProcedure
    raProgram.Source =
    'procedure DetailBeforePrint;'#13#10'var'#13#10' i : integer;'#13#10'begin'#13#10' i ' +
    ':= prt['#39'rows'#39'];'#13#10' //showmessage('#39'i: '#39' + IntToStr(i));'#13#10' ///s' +
    'howmessage('#39'Before Print:'#39')'#13#10' Detail.BandsPerRecord := i;'#13#10'end' +

  • Apologies for the bug comment :(
    Its just took me a time to work out what was happening. Its just that in my program I load different reports.

    I hope you can help. Thanks a lot!

  • I think I have resolved the problem. It was that when I created the report from Delphi the parent "owner" was not set correctly. I will check that, difficult to explain, so may I say: resolved, *not a bug* !
  • This is what I did:
    I set the RowsPerRecord to "n", and used a 1 row dataset pipeline.

    I hooked the Band.OnBeforePrint to find TppImages and load the image when the band printed.
    This would always load so I got the MD5 of the larger JPG and compressed it by stretchdrawing it to a small BMP and setting the ppImage picture.
    I then stored the MD5 in the (unused) image TEXT property.
    Next time around I only compressed and loaded the image if it was different.

    I am generating a set of labels for an number of parts with different quantities needed.
    Much faster and saver than using the possibly large images.

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