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  • Thanks Nard. I'd love to upgrade, I really would, but my company will not finance an upgrade for us from Delphi 2009 to 10.x, so I'm doing my best to make ancient dev tools work with old third-party tools on a modern OS (Windows 10).

  • Hi. Not to be rude, but could I have a reply to this please?
  • Thanks Nico. I'll add it to the list of "reasons to upgrade". Apparently Delphi 2009 not being compatible with my Windows 10 OS wasn't enough...
  • 15.05... unfortunately the company won't upgrade Delphi beyond 2009, so we're unable to upgrade report builder beyond 15.05, despite my pleading with them!
  • Hi Nico. You're preaching to the choir there. I'd love to upgrade our development tools, but alas I'm not the one with the purchasing power. Thanks for the reply. I'll try your suggestion.
  • Thanks Nico, that's reasonable. I know what it's like trying to wean customers away from older software so that you can take advantage of new language features. We have the same issue trying to get our users away from older versions of SQL.
  • Out of interest, Nico, what was the error that was addressed in RB18? We have customers who are reporting "Could not run program: DetailBeforeGenerate" followed by "List Index Out of Bounds (13)" when running certain reports, and often just running …