TppHTMLDevice generating email HTML

We have the html device generating HTML just fine, also no problem sending it. But on some clients the attachment displays behind the email body. It's as though the email body has a height of 0 and the client is positioning the attachment 'after' the body which ends up putting it behind the body text. Looking at the HTML generated it's all position absolute which may cause this problem.
Looking for documentation on TppHTMLDevice yields no results on the dev guide, chm, hlp and very limited info on the forums. I see there is a AllowEmail property but I have no idea what it does. Any help in pointing me toward some documentation or telling me how to stop the 0 height, or whatever issue it might be is much appreciated.


  • Hi Tom,

    We have on our 'ToDo' list to implement an HtmlEmailDevice for a future version.

    The RB HtmlDevice is optimized for the web browser - it uses positioning as you noted.

    There is no email standard for Html, but in general email clients support simple html consisting of no csss, just table based positioning.

    Report.EmailSettings.Enabled specifies whether the Preview toolbar includes an Email button. When Email button is pressed, the email client is displayed with an a report PDF file attached. See RBuilder help topic TppEmailSettings for more info. Attaching a report PDF is a good solution for emailing reports.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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