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On printing Report(2 pages, duplex) from archive rotates 2nd page on 180°

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Customers are printing a report of 2 pages in duplex-mode.
Printing report directly works fine,
but on printing from tppArchvie, the 2nd page is rotated on 180°.

Any idea what is going wrong?
What will be needed for debugging? Report as TppArchive and names of
printer drivers?

Tia Carsten


Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!


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    Hi Carsten,

    This is not a known issue. Just to be clear, if you follow the steps
    below exactly without changing the PrinterSetup, you get this behavior.

    1. Print the report normally. - Correct output.
    2. Export to archive and preview. - Correct output.
    3. Print the (just exported) archive. - Incorrect output.

    If this is the case, check your event code for any place you are
    altering the printer setup. Also check your printer driver setup to be
    sure a special duplex mode is not selected. I know my printer contains
    4 duplex modes depending on where the booklet is stapled. This would
    definitely affect how the back page is oriented.

    If you still cannot find the issue, please create a simple example that
    demonstrates this behavior and send it here so we can see exactly what
    is happening. Send the example in .zip format to support@

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    step 3 is different:
    3.) Reloading archive from database
    4.) Preview is correct
    5.) Printing to any pDF/XPS is correct
    6.) Printing on dedicated printer ==> wrong output

    Tia Carsten
    Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) hatte die Idee :


    Hint: We altered the sources!Hint: We altered the sources!
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