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total page on report

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There is anyway to know the total page printed on report before run the
thanks in advance
Gianluca Bianchi


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    Hi Gianluca,

    Perhaps more information on exactly what you would like to accomplish
    will help us understand how to help.

    ReportBuilder generates your reports as it moves through your data. In
    order for RB to know a total before generation, it needs to generate
    completely first before printing (TwoPass report).

    ReportBuilder has lookahead features available which allows
    page/group/report totals to be displayed at the beginning of the report
    rather than the end.

    Knowing the above is possible, what exactly are you trying to accomplish
    by knowing a total before the report prints?

    If you would like to display a total in the Header of the report, you
    can use a LookAhead DBCalc or Variable. If you need to know a total
    before Report.Print has been called, you will need to manually traverse
    your dataset to obtain the value.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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