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NNTP News group no longer available?

Has the NNTP group at been retired? The DNS no longer resolves.



  • edited March 2018
    Hi Will,

    Yes, we have taken down the NNTP server and replaced it with this forum. Over the past few years we have seen less and less traffic on the newsgroups and felt it was time for a change. There are a few active threads that still need to be migrated (including your recent one). If you would like you can start a new discussion here and it will be answered as soon as possible.

    See our blog post here:

    We hope you enjoy the new system!
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,
    Thanks, the new site looks good. Certainly freshens everything up.

    I do have another question which I'll find the right forum for.

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