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I'm getting an A/V from the web tier on occasion.

Here is the logfile created -

"20100628 12:28:10:028","Access violation at address 7C84CDE2 in module
'ntdll.dll'. Write of address

"20100628 12:28:23:700","Access violation at address 01B552C8 in module
'dev01rpts.dll'. Read of address 00657067",weException,0,

Perhaps this is related to my other question on the cache not clearing?

Delphi 2007 / RB Server 10.09


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    I don't this is related to your prior question.

    Try running the WebTier under the Delphi web app debugger. An example is
    installed to the RBServer Demos\WebTier folder.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    I would be interested in any further information you have from this Jon, as
    myself and another developer mentioned such an issue back in December 2009
    (see thread "AV in ntdll.dll").

    Nothing I tried made it go away.


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    I read your original post and had the same experience. Everything was
    great on IIS 5 WIn2K server. Moved to Win2003 and IIS 6 and the A/V's
    started. None of the RB Code changed during the move to the new server.

    I can't be 100% sure of this but I believe it is the application pool
    management in IIS 6 that is different than IIS 5 and is the root cause
    of the A/V. Do your A/V's happen after a period of inactivity on the
    server? Where some workers may have been recycled after 20 Minutes?
    Mine did.

    By default IIS 6 will recycle the worker process after 20 minutes of
    inactivity. This is a new concept in IIS introduced in version 6. I
    removed the auto-recycle and so far (knock-on-wood) the A/V's have
    disappeared. Again, this may not have been the cause but it appears to
    have helped.

    Unfortunately very close to the same time I also rebuilt my RB
    server.exe and web tier from scratch starting with the demos and kept
    out all functionality other than what is absolutely needed. So the A/V
    could have been solved by this server rebuild too. The IIS worker
    recycle change I did before the server rebuild and it appeared to solve
    the A/V's but it wasn't in place long enough to be 100% sure it was the

    This is all ongoing, I will know more in a few weeks if the A/V's are
    really gone. Perhaps I just hit a clean streak and none of what I did
    addressed the A/V. Just to soon to tell.

    Hope this helps - Jon.

    FYI - Our main report server is a 3Ghz IBM blade running Windows 2003,
    32GB ram, quad core with IIS 6, RB Report.dll and Report.exe all on the
    same box. All connections are HTTPS through an iChain/Proxy server so
    the traffic to the box is HTTP by the time I see it. I'm using (8) 75%
    CPU constrained worker processes in a dedicated application pool for the
    report.dll. So far it's been rock solid security, stability and
    performance other than the A/V's.

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    Jon, that's interesting about IIS5 and 6, thank you, gives me something to
    look into.

    In answer to your question, no the AVs bear no relationship to any period of
    inactivity, it can happen straight away when trying to print a report from
    within the browser; but then resizing the report (by changing the zoom
    option) and then clicking the Print icon tends to work every time.


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