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Reading parameters from webtier

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I am working with reports in files. Each report has several ADO queries with
required parameters.

My goal is to be able to call any given report and pass in any necessary
parameter to it without prompting the user for their values.

I am making the following URL request:


I have look at the following samples but they seem to prompt the user to
provide the parameters values

RBServer\Demos\Servers\Custom Parameters
RBServer\Demos\WebTier\Custom Parameters
RBServer\Demos\Clients\Custom Parameters

Can you help me determine what changes do I need to make to my
webtier/Server to pass in the parameters to a report?

On the report, which event do I access the parameter?

The asg0f0se=Sales&asg0f1se=2010 parameter are pass in as autosearch
parameter, correct?

These parameter do not need to be defined anywhere and I should be able to
read them as: Param[i] := pReport1.AutoSearchFields[i].Value; correct?

Thanks for your help


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    The custom parameters examples show how to many things related to
    parameters. You do not have to implement the parts that you do not
    need/want. If you do not have to prompt the user, then do not implement that
    part of the solution.

    I recommend reviewing all of the custom parameter examples, and the
    ReadMe.doc's associated with each and the comments in the code.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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