Multiple ports per server - RB10.04 D6

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Is it possible to setup a single server application to run with multiple
port support. We keep getting overload issues which leads us to create yet
another port and another application instance to help smooth it out. My
ideal woulkd be a single app which covers a range of ports say 10 - 20.

Any hints or tips would be useful. I don't expect anyone to write it for us
just a pointer or two in the right direction.




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    Servers, whether RB or a database server or a web server, operate over a
    single port.

    The port is probably not the issue. A machine only has so much processing
    power and network bandwidth and bottlenecks can occur in other areas like
    database contention and other applications running on the server.

    Try setting up a server farm - a single WebTier supported by multiple report
    servers, each running a separate machine. There is a tutorial in the RB
    Server Developers Guide.

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