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I have returned to the problem of trying to get a couple of .rtm reports to
run via a http://... request from an intraWeb project.

Following the tutorials I have built a rbServer.exe and a rbthinclient.exe.
On my test machine when the rbServer.exe is running, if I run the
rbThinClient.exe I get a report explorer displayed and I can see the usual
biolife data in the 4 reports.

I have then built a myWebTier.dll. When this runs on the server I get 2
panes, both displaying "The Page cannot be found".

In the cache folder 2 folders have been created.....

{B07A9569-7DCB-48DD-BCA4-7C8BA3629437} which contains ExplorerFrameSet.htm,
ListView.htm, soapid.txt, time.txt, TreeView.htm
Explorer which contains a number of .gif files.

At the bottom of this note is the code from myWebTier.

Can you please advise which page cannot be found. As far as I can see the
Cache Directory is correct (including spaces).

Thanks in advance.

Philip L Jackson

env Delphi 2009
Report Builder 11.06 enterprise

object WebModule1: TWebModule1
OldCreateOrder = False
Actions = <
Default = True
Name = 'WebActionItem1'
OnAction = WebModule1WebActionItem1Action
Height = 150
Width = 215
object rsWebTier1: TrsWebTier
CacheDirectory = 'c:\My RB Tutorials\07. WebTier\Cache\'
GarbageCollection.MinSleep = 60
GarbageCollection.SeparateThread = True
IniSettings.Enabled = False
IniSettings.FileName = '($Application)\rbWebTier.ini'
LogSettings.Format = 'XMLFile'
LogSettings.Location = '($Application)\LogFiles'
LogSettings.Verbose = False
ServerConnection.Address = 'localhost'
ServerConnection.Port = 1333
ServerConnection.TimeOut = 60
ServerFarmSettings.LoadBalancer = 'Round Robin'
SessionOptions.MaxReportCount = 0
SessionOptions.MaxSessionCount = 0
SessionOptions.SessionTimeout = 300
ViewerSettings.IncludeOutline = True
ViewerSettings.ToolbarOptions = [tbPrint, tbExplore, tbSearch, tbZoom,
ViewerSettings.ZoomPercentage = 70
WebCachePath = 'http://localhost/myWebTier/Cache/'
WebModuleURI = 'http://localhost/myWebTier/myWebTier.dll'
Left = 40
Top = 20


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    Solved this by explictly giving the server ip rather than using localhost in
    the cache address etc.


    Philip L Jackson

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