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RB Server and Intraweb

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Did anyone make any progress with integration with intraWeb?

I need a simple application which when selecting a button in intraWeb passes
a couple of parameters to the report (held as .rtm) and then displays a

Advice greatfully appreciated as to how to solve this.


Philip L Jackson


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    Here is some info on calling the webtier..


    You could either run the WebTier as a separate app or you can try including
    the TrsWebTier component in your IntraWeb app and then calling its
    ProcessRequest method directly.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    I decided to try calling the web tier using the execute specified report
    example as I am not bright enough to work out how to set the ProcessRequest
    Method up.

    What I have done

    (a) using the example \Demos\Servers\02. Volume Types\02. Reports in Files I
    created an rbServer.exe

    (no changes except I modified the DataModuleCreate to read

    rsReportTemplateVolume1.FileDirectory := TppFileUtils.GetApplicationFilePath
    + 'ReportFiles';

    i.e. I took out the space between report and files for compatability with

    (b) using the example \Demos\Web Tier\ISAPI I created a report.dll

    Changes I made

    rsWebTier1.CacheDirectory := c:\rbWebPub\Cache
    rsWebTier1.ServeConnection.Address :=
    rsWebTier1.WebCachePath :=
    rsWebTier1.WebModuleURI :=

    (c) I created a folder on my server c:\rbWebPub with a sub folders 'Cache'
    and 'ReportFiles'

    (d) I created a virtual directory to rbWebPub with appropriate access

    (d) in c:\rbWebPub\ReportFiles I placed a rtm file adsPDAJobsheets.rtm

    On the server, after starting the rbServer.exe, when I run

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    For future reference, please do not post to these old threads, just create a
    new thread. That will really help me out :)

    From the context of your question, I assume you are just getting started
    with RB Server.

    In any case I recommend approaching this incremently.

    1. First work thru the tutorials in the RB Server Developers Guide that is
    installed with the product. That will provide an understanding of the
    fundamentals of setting of a server, testing it with a
    clientreportexplorer/clientreport and then finally implementing a webtier.

    2. The next goal should be to setup your report server app to use your .rtm
    files and your Ads database.

    The DataModule that contains your ReportTemplateVolume must provide a
    thread-safe container for the report to execute. On this DataModule you need
    to have the AdsConnection component with the same database name and
    connection info that is required by your rtm files. (This is covered in the
    Server Dev Guide. An example using Advantage is installed to
    RBServer\Demos\Servers\Explorer Databases\Advantage

    3. Now test report server application using a simple
    clientreportexplorer/clientreport. You can use the one installed to
    RBServer\Demos\Clients\Client Explorer

    4. Next build a simple WebTier

    5. Test the WebTier using a web browser. Note that when you select a report
    from the report explorer you can see the correct URL and params for the
    report displayed in the address bar. You can copy and paste these to notepad
    to examine them or use them in your program.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks for your reply as I had one of the demos working OK I guess I had
    tried to jump the gap too quickly.

    Sorry for re using an old thread, I had intended starting a new one but was
    distracted, anything further will be in a new thread.

    I had not even seen the Advantage example so will study it as well.

    Best Wishes.


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