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Missing tables for a user with select rights

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When I try to run my server side as an Oracle user granted select rights
on a set of tables the report server doesn't see the tables. I get an
oracle error ORA-00942. When logged in as the table owner I see the set
of tables and everything works as expected.

What do I need to modify so the user granted select rights can access
the tables through RB Server?

RB Server 10 DOA Connection to Oracle 9.2 using Delphi 6 SP2


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    You can see this in the session explorer.

    Login as the table owner and the tables are there.

    Login as the user granted Oracle select, insert, update and delete
    rights and the tables are not there.

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    Check out the TdaDOASession.GetTableNames method in daDOA.pas.

    That method contains the SQL to retrieve the list of tables from the Oracle.
    You might need to modify the SQL to better suit your needs. (I am not an
    Oracle expert, so not sure what SQL you would need, I bet the DOA folks
    would konw).

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    Nard Moseley
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