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I need some help. I've made a report with 2 sources. In the first source
I'm using one field as an autosearch field and in the second source two
fields as autosearch fields. what I need to do is calling the report from
the url including all autosearch values. I know how to do that with one
adding the next expression to the url as an example


but I don?t know how to do it with 3 autosearch fields. I've tried
repeating the expression for each autosearch value and changing de value
asg0f0se with asg0f1se an so on, but it doesn't work. Could you please give
me a hand with this.
Thank you

PD: Sorry about my english


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    The naming convention is explained at the bottom of this article

    Here is the relevant part...

    "AutoSearch parameters have the following naming convention: asgXfYse and

    The asgX specifies the autosearch group number, where X is the number. The
    fY specifies the field number, where Y is the number. The se indicates that
    the value is a search expression and the sa specifies that the value is the
    "show all" boolean expression."

    An AutoSearch Group is created for each QueryDataview that contains
    autosearch parameters. So for your second query with two autosearch
    parameters the names should be




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    Thanks Nard

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