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Filtering Reports

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I'm using a ReportModuleVolume component for my server. The users are
required to enter a username and password to access the report server. The
security for each user can be somewhat complex. I have a database table
that defines the security levels for all users. The table defines which
reports the user can run and for each report, the table contains a list of
"store numbers" that the user is allowed to view data on. The list of
"store numbers" is where I'm having a problem. I'm using the OnGetDirectory
event to build the directory tree for each user, so they only see the report
choices that they are allowed to view. I'm using a global string variable
called theFilter which is populated with a comma-delimited list of store
numbers that the user is authorized to see on the OnGetReportParameters
event. Everything works fine when the user is the only person logged on,
but of course my global variable gets overwritten when another user runs a
report. Of course, all of the report forms within the server require access
to this variable. What is the best way to make certain that I'm filtering
the reports correctly for the given user?


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    I would try defining a SessionParameter. SessionParameters are meant to help
    manage a user session - username, password, security information, etc.

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