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I am considering the use of the Report Builder Web server for a client.
In addition to requesting and receiving reports on the Web site, is it
possible to pass variables/parameters to the Windows client? For
instance, I would like to be able to request something other than a report
from the Web application using the communication part of the Web report

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    RB does not include its own web server. Instead it enables you to build a
    web app that incorprates the RB WebTier to process reporting request.

    With RB Server Edition you build a report server that typically runs as a
    Windows Service. It can run on the same machine as the web server or on a
    different machine. You then use the WebTier component in a web application,
    such as an ISAPI application. The RB WebTier can process report requests.

    A typically solution would look like this

    report server <---> webtier (ISAPI) <--> web browser

    Another alternative is to build the WebTier into a COM object and call it
    from ASP.NET

    report server <--> webtier (COM) <--> ASP.NET <--> web browser

    For the other parts of your web application, you can use a variety of
    techniques and strategies.
    You can use Delphi's web broker to implement more 'action handlers' or you
    can use ASP.NET to call a WebTier COM object. Or you can build can build a
    separate web application that calls an RB web app by passing a URL with
    parameters to the web server.

    Hope this helps..

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    Nard Moseley
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