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TrsWebTier.GenerateContent: No content provider for request

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I am successfully viewing specific reports in a browser by setting the
"Content=viewer" parameter in the URL, along with the Volume and Name

http://myserver/selfservicetest/reports/ssreports.dll?content=viewer&volume=My's Test Report Templates&name=archiveunion

If the report has no autosearch criteria, then it displays fine. If it has
autosearch, then the search box is displayed as I'd expect, but when I set
the values and click OK, I get:

TrsWebTier.GenerateContent: No content provider for request

Changing the "name" to a different report with no autosearch works again, so
what am I missing on the WebTier or the Server?

I checked previous posts on this and as you can see, I have correctly set
the Content parameter, as proven by the fact that non-autosearch reports
work fine.

Jason Sweby
Software Development Manager,
Carval Computing Limited, Plymouth, UK

Payroll - HR - T&A - Access Control


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