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I've thoroughly read your demos on Custom Parameters. Your example uses a
ClientReport component with the ClientReportExplorer component. The
ClientReport.BeforePrint event handles whether or not to display the custom
parameter dialog. I'm using a ReportVolumeController component with my
reports residing on DataModules and Forms. Can I implement custom report
parameter dialogs using this scheme or am I stuck with the standard
autosearch dialog?


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    - report serverrs are comprised of ReportVolumes, which are simply
    collections of reports registered to run on the server. Any report can
    contain parameters. There are two types of parameters: Report.Parameters[ ]
    and AutoSearchFields[ ].

    - clients can retrieve report parameters from the server. By clients, I mean
    ClientReport and WebTier.

    - It is up to the client to create and display dialogs, the logic running on
    the server has nothing to do with /any/ dialogs or user interface elements.
    That is a very distinct difference with a report server environment.

    The custom parameters demo, is actually three demos: report server,
    clientreport, webtier.

    Tech Tips: RB Server and Custom Parameters

    The RBServer Custom Parameter demos show how to define custom session and
    report level parameters that can be used to implement security and other
    types of custom processing.

    The are three projects that work together. Each project includes a
    ReadMe.doc and commented code.

    1. RBServer\Demos\Servers\Custom Parameters
    2. RBServer\Demos\WebTier\Custom Parameters
    3. RBServer\Demos\Clients\Custom Parameters

    The demos include examples of how to...

    1. Define Custom Session parameters.

    A custom login form is displayed. Based upon the login, the catalog of
    reports available to the user is filtered.

    2. Define Custom Report parameters

    A custom parameter form is displayed. The parameters are used by the report.

    3. Custom AutoSearch form

    A custom autosearch form is displayed. The parameter values are used by the
    autosearch criteria.

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    Nard Moseley
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