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Parameters in Report Server

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I am accessing this URL from browser.


How to get the SID value in ReportServer? I need that value in report
server to manipulate query?

Any one please help me.


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    Check out the Custom Parameters demo

    RB 9 introduced a new TdaSQLBuilder class and a new
    Report.BeforeOpenDataPipelines event that can be used to modify the query,
    apply custom parameter value etc.

    Tech Tips: RB Server and Custom Parameters

    The RBServer Custom Parameter demos show how to define custom session and
    report level parameters that can be used to implement security and other
    types of custom processing.

    The are three projects that work together. Each project includes a
    ReadMe.doc and commented code.

    1. RBServer\Demos\Servers\Custom Parameters
    2. RBServer\Demos\WebTier\Custom Parameters
    3. RBServer\Demos\Clients\Custom Parameters

    The demos include examples of how to...

    1. Define Custom Session parameters.

    A custom login form is displayed. Based upon the login, the catalog of
    reports available to the user is filtered.

    2. Define Custom Report parameters

    A custom parameter form is displayed. The parameters are used by the report.

    3. Custom AutoSearch form

    A custom autosearch form is displayed. The parameter values are used by the
    autosearch criteria.

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