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OnInitializeParameters not firing via report server...

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Hello All, I have Delphi 7, RB 10.06, TeeChart 8

I have a working report server / web tier application serving reports live
vie the internet. I have an EU report in which I am setting variables that
affect the entire report in the OnInitializeParameters event for the report.
When I run this report in the End-User solution it runs correctly. I have
found, however that when the report is run via the web tier or report server
thin client app, the event is not fired and the report is ruined. What
would cause this event to fire while being view through the EU report app
and not through the web tier or report server thin client app? I don't have
any autosearch criteria on the report - I am actually using the OnInitialize
Parameters to create search conditions in the main dataview. I know that
this event is not firing because I ran a simple test of placing a label,
which I renamed TestLabel1, on the title band and replacing the code in the
OnInitializeParameters with TestLabel1.Caption := 'Testing
OnInitializeParameters Event'; when the report was run in the EU-Example
the label caption was changed correctly, but when I ran it through the
report server thin client app it was unchanged.

Thanks All,
Branden Johnson


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    I moved the code to the BeforeOpenDataPipelines and it fires that event in
    the web tier and report server thin client app.

    I would still like to know why the OnInitializeParameters event woudn't fire

    Thanks All,
    Branden Johnson

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    I created a patch for RB 10.06 that resolves this issue - thanks for
    reporting it. Registered users of RB Server 10.06 can email
    support@digital-metaphors.com and request the patch.

    Using the BeforeOpenDataPipelines event is a good alternative.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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