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Trial Version Limitations?

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Hello All,

I have just installed the latest Report Server Edition as a trial
install. I have followed the developers guide to the letter, I believe! I
have an active report server and a local ClientReport/Explorer can attach to
the report server and recieve reports. I am getting nothing though from the
web tier. IIS is setup, the virtuall directory is setup with the dll
residing in it on the server, but a call to the dll from either a client
machine or the local server machine itself yields an HTTP Error 404 - File
or directory not found. I am using the following address setup to call the
dll: http://www.somewhere.com/RBWebServer/RBWebServer.dll I thought at
first that I hade done something wrong with the virtual directory setup but
I put a test.pdf file in the same directory as the dll and
http://www.somewhere.com/RBWebServer/test.pdf does load the PDF file into
the browser.

I know with the thin client app that the report server is running on
the web server machine. However I did try to point the thin client on my
laptop to the web server IP address and it reset back to the loopback
address it was defaulted to. I don't know if this is because of the trial
version limitations or what but was wondering if this could have something
to do with my issue with the web tier.

Is it possible to have a fully funtioning report server/web tier
running in trial version/demo mode?

If so, any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks All,
Branden Johnson


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    I figured it out from a site that explained setting up IASPI dlls in IIS.
    It involved adding a web service extension pointing to the dll and then a
    little more configuring of the virtual directory to add the dll as an
    application extension with the .dll extension. This did the trick. I can
    access the web tier from the local server machine only though. Is this a
    trial version limitation or is it a change to the basic settings the
    developers guide stepped me through?

    Thanks All,
    Branden Johnson

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    The trial version limits you to LocalHost. You /cannot/ access the server
    from another machine.

    If you would like to see an example of publishing reports across the
    internet, click on this link..


    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Nard, I purchased RB Server Edition yesterday! I got it all installed and
    published my new report server and web server to the server machine. I can
    view the web server locally but I still cannot access it over the internet.
    Is there something that has to be done with the server deployment
    license/serial# to get the web server online?

    Thank You,
    Branden Johnson

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    I figured it out! It was my fault - had the virtual directory setup through
    a secondary web site on the server instead of the primary website/domain

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