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I'm using D7 with RB7.04. I'm using a ReportVolumeController object for my
report catalog on the server. I have about 40 reports total in the catalog
under different directories. All of the reports run fine except the latest
report that I've added. The report displays the autosearch dialog and
retrieves 4 parameters. My routine that reads the parameters then sets the
results into my SQL queries. The report then displays the data correctly in
the web browser. When the user clicks the "Search" tool from the RB
toolbar, it prompts for the new parameters correctly and properly displays
the report. But if the user clicks on the "Refresh" icon on the toolbar,
the server generates a Memory-Read AV and the server program drops from 26
threads to 5. Then the server program is locked.
The processes that the report is doing after retrieving the autosearch
parameters is simply assigning the parameters to 10 different SQL queries
which are all attached to data pipelines for the report. I'm closing each
query after setting the new parameters. I also load a couple of dynamic
arrays after the autosearch.
Any thoughts as to what I might be doing wrong or how I can properly debug
the error?


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    To debug the report server, compile it with debug info and then run it from
    the Delphi IDE. Put some break points in your server side code.

    To debug the webtier, use the Delphi WebApp debugger. See
    RBServer\Demos\WebTier\WebDebug for an example.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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