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Report Errors from the server

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First of all thanks for all the help over the past few months. My project is
doing quite well now. I have a service that connects to the server with a
client within a thread(ie no GUI). This works well and does everything

I want to add a feature where if an error occurs within the connection, then
I want to record the error that occured. This could be as simple as not
being able to connect or something being reported by the server. Is there a
property or a procedure that enables access to these errors?



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    One option is to implement some code in the Application.OnException event to
    log exceptions.


    There are some excellent Delphi add-ons that collect detailed information
    about exceptions. I have not used these, but many of our customers email
    reports that these produce with information about what caused an exception.
    Check out EurekaLog, MadExcept, and I think the JVCL might have one also.
    MadExcept and there are others. I think the JVCL might include one.

    ReportBuilder errors are raised as either EReportBuilder exceptions or as
    descendant of EReportBuilder. EReportBuilderError is declared in ppTypes.
    For RBServerEdition, there is an rsExceptions unit that declares
    descendants, for example

    EClientError = class(EReportBuilderError);

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

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    Nard Moseley
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