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Winservice does not start rboraclereportserver.exe

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A customer of us has reinstalled its application.
for some reason the winservice does not start rboraclereportserver.exe
The control window turns green when he pushes the start button but there is
no task in the tasklist with the name of rboraclereportserver.exe.

If we start rboraclereportserver.exe by hand and push the power button
everything works fine.

any idea where we have to look for? The service runs in the system account
so should be able te access the exe file. It is running on a windows 2003
webedition server.

thnx in advance.



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    - Read RBServer\Windows Service\ReadMe.doc

    - run the RB Windows Service installation program (RBWinService)

    - use Windows Task Manager to check that RBAdmin.exe and RBServices.exe are

    - click the tray icon (RBAdmin.exe) and check which report server is listed
    as being registered. You can use the change button to browse to the location
    of the rboraclereportserver.exe.

    - your report server application, rboraclereportserver.exe, needs to include
    rsServerActiveX in the uses clause.

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    Nard Moseley
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