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Emailing reports w/ RBServer

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?I currently have a working report model consisting of the RBserver.exe
with a templatevolume, rtm files, and an ISAPI webtier that accepts
parameters from an external asp.net application. The next step in our
project involves a series of reports that must be automatically emailed
to various accounts depending on report selection. Actually being able
to view the report via the web is a secondary consideration at this

I first thought that I would be able to simply enable the email option
when building the RTM file and send my first tests from the dialog.
(UserInterface.EmailSetting.ShowEmailDialog) This did not work out as

I was able to generate and email a report after building a separate
thinclient with TrsClientReport and ReportExplorer components. This was
mainly to verify that the email configuration was properly setup and not
creating some other problem.

Now I am a little confused with what to do next. Are there any examples
that may show more usage of the TrsClientReport component?

Will the TrsClientReport component need to be used to email the report?
Should it be built into the rtm, as a replacement of the webtier, or the
Will the use of a TemplateVolumeController effect this?

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    - the WebTier does /not/ currently have built-in support for emailing

    - ClientReport does include support for emailing reports. ClientReport and
    Report both descend from a common ancestor class, Producer, and therefore
    share most of the same properties and methods. This is one of the cool
    things about ClientReport - it basically works the same as report from the
    developers and users point of view. Behind the scenes it communicates with
    the report server.

    - ClientReport and ClientReportExplorer are two of the core components of RB
    Server. They covered thoroughly in the RB Server Developers Guilde, the
    RBServer\Demos\Clients examples, and the RBServer.hlp file.

    - You can build 3 types of applications with RB Server Edition: Clients,
    Servers, Web Tier. The RBServer\Demos directory contains 3 subdirectories
    named exactly that. Inside each subdirectory are several examples of each.

    - the WebTier internally uses ClientReport to communicate with RB Server. To
    perform custom processing in a webtier application there is a
    TrsWebTier.CreateClientReport method that can be used. See the RBServer.hlp

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