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RB Server and Intraweb

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Does anyone have any experience and comments about using Intraweb with RB Server?



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    I'm still hoping someone with direct experience will reply to your question.

    I would try using the WebTier within the IntraWeb app. You could try to
    forward the report related web request to the webtier.

    The other approach I can think of is to put the WebTier in a separate module
    such as a COM module (like ASP does) or an ISAPI module) and then forward
    the request that way. However, seems like putting the WebTier in the
    IntraWeb would be simpler.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    I just found this thread and was wondering: did you get anywhere with RB
    Server and Intraweb? If so, did you discover any significant issues,


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    Terry Haan wrote:

    I also have a couple questions regarding Intraweb (IW)

    1) I wish to take an adHoc result set and stream it into a PDF and then
    render it to the end user. Understanding that a report does not exist
    for the given adHoc data, is it possible to stream this data through
    ReportBuilder on the fly and generate a PDF, or should I be looking

    2) Also, I currently have an implementation of ReportBuilder in IW that
    is having session issues. I have a session aware datamodule (ie a
    module specific to each user) in which a report is generated. However,
    on occasion, the wrong report gets generated to a given user. So... I
    am surmising that ReportBuilder has a threading issue... At least the
    way I have implmemented it. Please advise the proper tact on how to
    render client side report data to end user.

    3) Lastly, their has been threats in the past to team with RemObjects
    to build a DADE driver. I have not witnessed any progress on this
    issue. Are my hopes in this regard in vain ?

    Monte Carver
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    For future reference, please start a new thread.

    - ReportBuilder is thread-safe.To build thread-safe reporting solutions,
    requires that you provide a thread-safe environment in which the report can
    execute. See the RBuilder.hlp topic on TppProducer.BackgroundPrintSettings
    for a good discussion of providing thread-safety.

    - RB Server Edition includes a RAD high performance multi-threaded server, a
    WebTier component that can manage web report sessions, and a ClientReport
    component that can be used in Windows thin client apps.

    - the following example shows how to generate a report layout from a
    dataset. Check out the CodeBased thread of the Tech Tips newsgroup for more
    information about creating reports in code.


    - I think there are several reasons why no one has created a DADE plug-in
    for REMObjects Data Abstract.
    If it were simple either the REM Objects team, the DM team, or some mutual
    customers would have created something by now. :)

    Part of the challenge is that both DADE and Data Abstract are designed to
    provide an abstract data-layer, and as such, the architectures do not mesh
    naturally. The other challenge is that lat time I looked (and its been
    awhile) Data Abstrat is not geared towards enabling client applications to
    generate ad-hoc SQL queries directly agains the database. Is that still

    Most of the DADE plug-ins are cookie cutter - the architecture is built
    around getting a list of available tables and generating SQL. For example,
    the daADO plugin, uses the ADOConnection and ADOQuery components to get a
    list of available tables and generate SQL that is assigned to an ADOQuery

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    Thanks for the attention !

    The other challenge is that lat time I looked (and its been

    No, this is not correct. For example, I have assembled what I call
    ad-Hoc reporting. An end user simply writes a SQL query, which is
    stored in the database. The user can then execute that query, which is
    accomplished by pulling the text of the query from the database back to
    the client then channeled through a user's session enabled DataAbstract
    client data table as raw sql to the middle-tier. This same dataset
    then retrieves the data, which I can direct as HTML or XLS. This
    approach for Ad-Hoc reporting works quite well. HOWEVER, it lacks all
    the abilities that RB brings to the table.

    In summary, my interest lie primarily in the ability to provided refined
    reporting against these ad-hoc reports, and the ability to report
    against the GOBs of queries stored in the middle tier, which are exposed
    via a TDAClientDataTables on the client side of an IW client.

    Perhaps a better solution would be to expose to RB the full on queries
    stored in the middle-tier. Then execute the report from the
    middle-tier, which streams the results as binary back to the client.

    I understand, but is there not a simple solution to enable reporting on
    SQL that is already assembled? And to go a step further and report on
    data that is already gathered? Since there does not seem to be enough
    interest in a fully enabled DADE plug-in, perhaps an adapter that gets
    us half-way there.

    I am NOT a RB or RODA expect by any stretch, but for the last three
    years, I have pined for such a solution. From what I can tell about the
    two tools, a solution (or partial solution) should be feasible.

    It would also be a boon to RemObjects, as they currently do not offer
    any client side reporting.

    Hopefully there is a easy solution that can benefit all the RODA and RB

    Monte Carver
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