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?I have a very time intensive report that can be in excess of 15
minutes. I have configured our arrangement as follows:

WebTier ServerConnection.Timeout
Webtier SessionTimeout = 1800 seconds
Server Session timeout = 1800 seconds
ADO connection and command timeouts = 1800 seconds

My development is on an isolated Windows 2003 web server running IIS 6
that is not receiving request from other users or running additional
services. Database is Oracle 9i.

By monitoring the contents of the Cache directory on the web server with
Windows Explorer, at exactly ten minutes after the first request is
made, a new session directory is created in the Cache. The timing was
also verified by the time.txt files from within each seperate Cache
diretory structure.

From viewing the RBserver log, the first session continues with the
report (i.e. Sending Page xx),and the new mystery session starts just as
if a new request had been generated. The browser is returned with a
Cannot find server message at the next 10 minute mark (1200 seconds)
although the report requested is in the Cache directory. The mystery
session Cache will only contain a 1KB report that contains no data.

I have checked our web server closely and have increased
Session/Pooling/etc times to 40 minutes just to try to find what is
triggering this at the ten minute mark.

Do you have any ideas of what might be triggering this at the ten minute
mark? Is there a max time for the webtier / RBserver session timeouts?

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    - there is not a max time, I do not know why the report is not completing

    - for long reports like this, I would try create a separate application that
    can periodically generate the report to an archive file (.raf) and then you
    can use a ReportArchiveVolume on the server to make these reports available
    to the user. (This would preview a user from having to wait for 15 minutes
    for a report to generate.)

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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