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We are developing an application using the ReportServer and exchanging
information between the client and server to get information on reports and
run reports works just fine. But we'd also like the ReportServer
application to do some "housekeeping functions" so we need a way to send a
message to the server and get some data back.

Would you consider adding a method/event to the RB Server architecture
called something along the lines "SendCustomMessage" that takes three
parameters; MessageId: Integer; DataToSend, DataReceived: TStream The RB
Server architecture would send the MessageId and DatatoSend to the server
and wait for a response and provide that back to the client. The server
would contain an event handler that also had the same three parameters.
Developers would need to implement a case statement to handle each custom
message and handle the stream contents.

Having a mechanism like this would make it easy to develop custom
functionality in the server without having to implement another
communications channel between the client and server.

I hope I made myself understood :-) Thanks for the consideration.



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    Thanks for the feeback, I will add this to the request list.

    Are you trying to do something at a report level or more at the
    session/server level?

    What types of data are you trying to send? I asked because you said

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    > Are you trying to do something at a report level or more at the

    We are creating a custom front-end to the report server which includes the
    ability to schedule reports. These schedules are saved to a table in the
    same database where the reports run from. We want to keep all the database
    access in the report server so the front-end is as lean as possible so the
    ability to send custom messages between the client & report server would be

    I suggested TStream parameters as they can handle any data type that one may
    want to use.

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