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Attachment name when using TrsClientReport

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I have created a handy 'command line' program that talks to a report
server using parameters that are passed in at runtime. The intended
purpose is to use this through some sort of scheduling process so that
reports can be created in folders through some automated scheduled
process. Seems to work fine.

I got the idea of adding the capability to email the result as an
attachment since the TrsClientReport object has EmailSettings and the
SendMail method.

Sending email this way also works, but the attachment is attached to
the email with the name '.pdf'. It would really be nice to get
something in there even if it is generic like 'Report.pdf'. But I
can't seem to figure out where or how this would be accomplished.

I hope I'm missing something simple here, is there a way to do this?



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    Never mind. I found EmailSettings.FileName, could have sworn I tried
    that earlier.

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