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ReportBuilder 19.0 is now available

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 19.0!

ReportBuilder 19.0 includes VCL support for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, Delphi
10.1 Berlin, Delphi 10 Seattle, Delphi XE8, Delphi XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4,
XE3, XE2, Delphi 2007, and Delphi 7.

Overview: http://www.digital-metaphors.com/rbwiki/General/What's_New/RB_19

New Feature List: http://www.digital-metaphors.com/PDF/NewFeatures.pdf

New RB Software Subscription, see the following link

Pricing: http://www.digital-metaphors.com/order

Upgrade here! https://www.digital-metaphors.com/secure

Version 19.0 - 2/16/18

- new AutoSave / Recovery for report layout
- periodically autosave to AppData\Local\RBuilder\Report_autosave.rtm
- clear on close of designer, but if crash the file remains
- check for file when designer opens, prompt user to recover
- RBuilder.ini Designer Preferences for AutoSave, AutoSaveInterval
- new View | Margins for workspace
- display page margins for layout workspace
- store ShowMargins preference to RBuilder.ini
- new Sort DataPipelines in DataTree
- right-mouse on DataTree to Sort
- new set Report.SaveAsTemplate True for TppDesigner Show/ShowModal

User Interface
- new ThemeManager, use Default theme when no RBuilder.ini
- new RichText double-click to launch RTF Editor
- new Subscription reminder at Delphi design-time
- new Update serial number from within About Box

- new Right-to-Left language support
- new RTLReading Boolean for Text, Memo, Crosstab, RichText.Paragraph
- output device support for screen, printer, pdf, html

- new IndySMTP.UseTLS boolean property
- uses port 587 and TLS/SSL required for GMail, Office365 etc.

Output Devices
- new Xlsx architecture to optimize performance and minimize memory
- optimized for exporting big data (large number of pages/rows)
- new Xlsx support for Title, subject, Author, etc.
- new Xlsx hyperlink support for text and images
- new Html font family fallback support
- only convert text to images for symbol fonts (wingdings,..)
- improved Printer, use GetDefaultPrinterName instead of GetProfileString API
- new PDF form button support added
- Submit and Reset button options added
- Submit option sends form field info over HTTP via POST or GET
- Submit option supports executing Adobe supported JavaScript
- new PDF form field settings property (FormFieldSettings)
- new PDF form field character limit property (FieldMaxLength)
- new PDF form field Read-Only property (FieldReadOnly)
- new PDF form field field title property (FieldTitle)
- new PDF form field form submit info property including JavaScript, SubmitMethod, and URL properties.
- new PDF right-to-left text support
- new PDF file attachment support
- Attach external files to exported PDF files
- new PDFAFormat property to define which PDF/A standard to use.
- new PDF/A-2B, PDF/A-3B, and PDF/A-3B ZUGFeRD support
- new PDF/A2, PDF/A3, and PDF/A3-ZUGFeRD file devices
- improved PDF/A now supports embedded font subsets with Unicode encoding
- improved PDF SetMapMode support added for PDF metafile reader

- optimized component SaveOrder calc, when exporting to XlsData, Delimited file
- new left to right columns support for toggling Band.Visible

- new DataPipeline FieldLink.IgnoreTrailingSpaces boolean

- new Thumbnail Viewer highlight current page
- new AccessoryToolbar (Outline, Thumbnail, Text Search) .ini support

- new TableGrid undo support, improved Undo architecture
- new Border.Padding property (margin) and implement in DrawInfo (ppCtrls)
- improved accuracy for diagonal lines (screen, preview, PDF)
- improved RichText performance (speed) and stability for scrollable page preview
- new Viewer.AbsolutePageCount property
- new ArchiveReader support for file path variables such as ($MyDocuments)
- new PreviewFormSettings.SaveWindowPlacement property, default True
- new Rotated Wrapped Text support for Labels (increments of 90 degrees)
- new Aztec Code barcode support
- new QRCode ECI support for multiple binary charsets

- new Dade FieldLink.IgnoreTrailingSpaces based on database type

- new Cut, Copy, Paste options added to the Report Explorer
- tool buttons, menu options, and popup menu options added

- new RAP Code Editor copy/paste option to include procedure/function declaration
- new RAP RTTI for TStringList.Delimiter, DelimitedText, QuoteChar
- new run-time error checking for missing parameter value in program call

REST and Mobile
- enhanced to force nbBlankReport for no data condition
- enhanced viewer to work around WebBrowser bug on Windows platform.

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 19 includes support for Delphi versions:
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, D10.1 Berlin, D10 Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6,
XE5, XE4, XE3, XE2, D2007, D7

Digital Metaphors Corporation
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