Print pages alternating from two reports to PDF

I have two reports containing respectively all the fronts and all the backs of some pages of documents. I would like to get a PDF file with alternating pages, so I can print it with the printer's duplex option. How could I do?


  • Hi Cristiano,

    Which version of ReportBuilder and Delphi are you currently using?

    Merging two reports like this may be possible but it will take quite a bit of code and understanding how reports are generated. It may be worthwhile to create a new single report with containing the proper page order.
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    Nico Cizik
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    I'm using ReportBuilder Professional version 15.04 and Delphi XE6.
    I tried to merge the two reports following the example 123 of the demo:
    with TppPDFDevice.Create(self) do
      StartPrintJob := True;
      EndPrintJob := False;
      Publisher := ppReport1.Publisher;
      StartPrintJob := False;
      EndPrintJob := True;
      Publisher := ppReport2.Publisher;

    I thought of alternating pages by printing them one at a time, from each report, with a loop, but I can not know the number of pages nor limit the print to the page I want.
    How can I create a single report with alternate pages that are different?
    Thanks for any advice...
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