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switching subreport print behavior from fixed to section produces a blank report

I have a report with a subreport in the group header band
it is set to pbfxed to display 15 records of data in pass one
in pass two I make the detail and group footer visible false
and set the header band subreport to pbsection
using Delphi 2010 and rb 12 I get the desired data with a blank page in front of each group
setting to pbchild dropped the subreport header and footer
in toyko and rb 18
the first pass show correctly but the second pass shows serveral blank pages (one for each group value)
the dataset is reopened between pas one and two
how can I get the data to shiow in pass two


  • edited November 2018
    Hi Carl,

    According to our records, you have an updated software subscription. Is there a reason you are using older versions of ReportBuilder? I highly recommend updating to the latest version (19.02) as this is the only version we are able to provide support for.

    I'm a bit unclear what you mean by the "first pass" and "second pass". A two-pass report will not display anything during the first pass. The first pass is intended just for pre-processing and look-ahead calculations. All pages are then rendered in the second pass. I definitely do not recommend altering the subreport style during report generation. Are you perhaps printing the report twice?

    Section style subreports are primarily to be used to merge multiple reports together and should only be placed in the detail band of a main report. Placing a section subreport in any other band will cause a blank page by design.

    Perhaps more detailed information about exactly what you would like you report(s) to look like and how they should behave will help us understand how to move forward.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,
    I have a report whose layout show limited number of records on the first page, which works fine as a fixed sub report
    then I issue a second print command to show all the records. I wanted to use the same sub report content in a sub report which would stretch to show all records regardless of pages necessary.
    this sub report can be in the detail band
    when I try with child type is does not show the header and footer band of the sub report
    and when I try the section I just get a blank report
    the 2010 references were to indicate the behavior in older systems only
  • Hi Carl,

    I do not recommend using fixed subreports to limit the number of data rows displayed. This should be done in SQL using a search condition or row limit feature (TOP - SQL Server, LIMIT - (MySQL, SQLLite), ROWNUM - Oracle).

    Page Header and Page Footers are not supported for Child style subreports. Group headers and footers can be used as a replacements.

    For Fixed style subreports, you can set the TraverseAllData property to True to continue traversing all records (on the next page) if needed.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • Hi Nico,
    keeping the subreport fixed and setting traverse all data seemed to do what I need.
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