Sending email directly from ReportBuilder


I am trying to send email directly from Reportbuilder.

Currently I have this code here:
Report.EmailSettings.Enabled := True;
Report.EmailSettings.PreviewInEmailClient:= True;
Report.EmailSettings.HostAddress := '';

Report.EmailSettings.FromAddress := '';

Report.EmailSettings.Subject := 'Test message subject';
Report.EmailSettings.Body.Add('Test message body');

This brings email button just next to print button.

When I press email button, it gives me dialog where all the fields are pre-filled just right.

But, pressing 'Send' -button closes the dialog but seems that nothing happens.

What possibilities do I have to debug this problem or is there some very clear solution to solve this?


  • edited December 2018
    And just to add, ReportBuilder version is 17.01.
  • Hi savikko,
    Presumably you are adding the smtp server login and password details??
  • Hi,
    thanks for reply.
    SMTP server does not need authentication. Should I add those as well?
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