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Where is my Cache Folder?

We moved to a new server and I made some changes to the server side configuration.

Previously I set the web_cache folder to http:///REPORT/CACHE

Instead of the DNS Name for the machine I decided to use LOCALHOST eliminating the need for the DNS entry.

So the WEB_CACHE is now set to http://LOCALHOST/REPORT/CACHE

Everything seems to be working but my CACHE folder is no where to be found? I've looked everywhere on the server and the client side. Shouldn't the "time.txt" file be somewhere for this to work or does this cached in memory until memory is full?

This is running on Windows 2012R2 RB Server 12.1 Delphi 2007 (I'm in the process of upgrading to the current version of RB / Delphi etc)

Thanks - Jon Gray


  • This should have read http://DNSNAME/REPORT/CACHE

    The forum software removed it when I have it in <>
  • You can disregard this post. Turned out to be an invalid drive letter in the rbWebtier.CacheDirectory

    Still surprised everything was working as expected without a valid cache directory and no error messages.
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