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How to assign an Autosearch variable when using calculated fields?


I have two calculated fields: Extract(Month from DOB) and Extract(Day from DOB). In the Query Designer the first has a field alias of BirthMonth and the second of BirthDay. In the Query designer, to search them, the Query designer assigns the full expression as the Field name. If I change the Field name to the alias I get an error.

When the report runs, both search values show up as "DOB" and that's all. Since they have the same name, how do I differentiate between them? I need to be able to assign the values to the two AutoSearch variables. When using AutoSearchByName() I've tried the full expression and/or the alias. Neither seems to work. Using DOB does work. However, since I have two search variables, how do I differentiate between them?

Phil Frank


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