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Subreport and part of the Report side-by-side

I am trying to use ReportBuilder 11 or 12 with Delphi 2009. I can see that the subreport takes the whole horizontal belt/zone of the main report and no the components from the main report can be placed in the subreport region.

It would be great if I could move the subreport a bit to the right side and put the components from the main report side by side with the subreport in one horizonatl belt/zone.

Is is possible to do this in the old (11, 12) versions of of ReportBuilder? Is it possible to do this in the latest (19) version?



  • OK, issue solved even with the old versions. I can put each piece of information into different subreports, turn off 'Parent Width' attribute of the subreports and put them side-by-side. Thanks, all this works.
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