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TppVariable: strange OnCalc Events - possible Bug?


i've logged all OnReset and OnCalc Events of Variable and i've figured out that the OnCalc of _EVERY_ Variable ist called between vePageStart and veTraversal Event.

My log shows the following order of Events:

in my Opinion the marked (*) lines (OnCalc calls) are wrong

11:05:33:221 Enter --Report First Pass--
11:05:33:221 ReportOnStartFirstPass
11:05:33:221 Variable OnReset veReportStart
11:05:33:221 Variable OnCalc veReportStart
11:05:33:221 ReportOnStartPage
11:05:33:221 Variable Reset vePageStart
11:05:33:221 Variable OnCalc vePageStart
*11:05:33:222 Variable OnCalc veTraversal
*11:05:33:222 Variable OnCalc veGroupStart
*11:05:33:222 Variable OnCalc veGroupEnd
*11:05:33:222 Variable OnCalc veGroupBeforeHeader
*11:05:33:222 Variable OnCalc veGroupBeforeFoote
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc veColumnStart
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc veColumnEnd
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc vePageStart
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc vePageEnd
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc veReportStart
*11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc veReportEnd
11:05:33:223 Variable Reset veTraversal
11:05:33:223 Variable OnCalc veTraversal
11:05:33:223 TitleBeforePrint
11:05:33:223 TitleBeforeGenerate
11:05:33:223 TitleAfterGenerate
11:05:33:223 TitleAfterPrint

... and so on ...

can you confirm that this is an Bug, or ist it intentional?



  • Hi Erwin,

    There are no known issues with the TppVariable CalcOrder feature. In your example above, does the report have columns, groups, multiple pages, etc.? Are you assigning the CalcComponent property of the TppVariable? Are you using a string or numerical type variable?

    Please create a simple example demonstrating any issues and send it to support@digital-metaphors.com in .zip format and we can take a look at it for you.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
  • it's not the CalcOrder (the CalcOrder is correct!)

    i wonder why the (marked) OnCalc's are called - this makes absolutely no Sense at this Time.

    At Report Start there is call of vePageStart Reset and vePageStart OnCalc - ok, makes sense.
    But the OnCalc after this are wrong.
    i try to build an small example without our inHouse DebugWindow und self-written RAP Functions and send it via EMail.
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